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By | September 12, 2017
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I have an ambition that drives me towards achieving more. To do this, I committed to always learning and always be a work from home student. If you refuse to follow certain steps daily, making money online becomes tremendously difficult. I remember the old way. Roll up. Do a bit of work posting affiliate links. Start rolling in the money with ease.
…..Yeah right…

Are You Trying To Work From Home?

Approach the ‘Making money online‘ idea with the proper mindset. You will see many doors open for you. The issue lies in the idea that your computer is an ATM. Believe this, and you are beyond doomed.

This post is for you IF:

  • You have been working hard to make extra coin online with little or no success.
  • You hate looking at your Gmail inbox daily because you’ll see no opt-ins or Paypal payments, or
  • You are frustrated at checking your comments to see junk and tumbleweed, or
  • You are fed up, ready to quit and sprint back to your 9-5.

Stay in the game. Things improve and get Way Better!

Adopt a new mindset and treat making money online in a different light and you will succeed.


When is it Easy to Make Money Online?

Making money online is like going to school. If you watch a video lesson, what do you do while watching the video? You damn well better be taking notes if you plan to prosper because few people on earth retain information by only looking at a video.

The process:

    1. Research a successful lesson,
    2. Take notes,
    3. Study the notes,
    4. Learn them and think of how to use them,
    5. Take action with new found knowledge.

Treat This Gig Like You Are Going to School!

The failing masses manage this gig like a pass time. No studying, no reading, no note-taking, no pondering. Then, in the end, no money.


Be a Work From Home Student


You learn a new skill by taking notes, reviewing the notes and putting your new found insight into practice. You might absorb information if you are a genius. Outside of that, take notes and study the notes.


Be a work from home student


You might like creating videos. Do you create videos from a… low-energy place. Talk like a drone or rarely maintained eye contact with the camera. Maybe you have all of this down, but you’re still struggling at capturing your daily audience.

Decide one day to take notes after watching a successful video. Studied the notes. Observe a recurring theme between other successful videos.

After studying these notes. Impress these ideas into your subconscious mind. Move into action, shooting videos only after getting pumped up or excited. Raise your energy for your video and cast what you learn.

Five views will go to 10, to 20, to 40…

Improve your skills by becoming a student. I know I am. I learn. I put the knowledge into practice.


Another Example
I spoke to an extremely successful online business mentor a while back. During our conversation I took notes. He pointed out that branding myself was most important. I reviewed that note. The lightbulb popped up over my head. I immediately revamped my strategy and even purchased a new website for $10.

I changed my ways. I branded me. I took notes, studied the notes and put my new knowledge into action.



You Must Learn to Earn

If you are generating like $500 a year through making money online – and I know MANY who make less than that each year! – You are refusing to learn. So you do not earn.

You are making the same dumb ass mistakes.

You are not taking notes on this post, and if you do take notes, you are not studying the notes.

If you study the notes you are not putting your new found knowledge into action persistently.

It is your fault that you make $500, $200 or $0 each year trying to make money online because you do not treat this gig like going back to school. Don’t be stupid, or ignorant, believing you can walk the walk and talk the talk. Don’t ignore your teacher, ignore taking notes, and then expect to become a straight A student. Obscene!

You Are in Class Right Now

Be serious. Carry a notepad with you everywhere. Taking handwritten notes is one of the easiest ways to become successful because you no longer miss the important information.

Be disciplined, adopt this approach and you are guaranteed to make money online the easy way as you study and use successful principles for a successful mindset.


Do you treat making money online like going to school?

Are you a work from home student?

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