Joys of an Unregulated Market

  Wow. Have a look down the list below. Number 18. This is a list of exchanges who are trading DGD DigixDAO. (Not endorsing,,, yet…) Number 18 is a prime example of why we must be careful playing in a unregulated market. The total volume for 24 hours was only $3,325 and notice the token… Read More »

Ether This or Ether That

Ethereum ETH was my second cryptocurrency. With obvious reasons. In case you aren’t familiar, I suggest searching ‘What is Ethereum’ because I ain’t writing all that down. NOPE. Hurts my brain thinking about that. Ethereum is the second largest crypto and the most widely used smart contract platform. It isn’t leaving us any time soon.… Read More »

Where To Start?

  We can both ask this question. Where do you start with investing and where do I start with helping.   Let me start from the beginning… Two years ago I really got interested in investing, but it was only with play accounts and not with real money. It was my way of learning how… Read More »

From Overrated to Underrated

  To start off I want to apologize for my absence and I’ll explain what has been going on. The title of this article represents a couple different things to me. My Life    -&-    Investing When you begin to look at life around you with many different perspectives. You begin too see how everything… Read More »

How To Be The Person You Want To Be

Being the person you want to be, can happen now. Thinking can block that idea. Thinking can be a blessing when used constructively or a curse when used destructively. Imagine electricity. It can power your house, or if used carelessly, it can catch it on fire. Your thoughts work similarly. Do not attach to your thoughts. Let… Read More »

Failure is the Key to Success

Each one of our failures brings us one step closer to a successful entrepreneur. Every opportunity through which I prosper started with failure. Honest to goodness. MLM marketing was a failure for me, as was article writing, and blogging. I failed, learned what did not work, did what worked, and began to prosper online. One… Read More »