Online Marketing System Product Reviews – Purchased and Tested


5 out of 5 StarsWealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit Review

Honest practices and efficient classroom guidance along with up to date marketing resources. That is what have given this marketing system a very high rank. Free Starter membership with several weeks of training, 2 free websites, and a generous affiliate program offering recurring income for referrals who upgrade to the Unlimited web hosting and advanced marketing training. Very well organized and easy to follow. They include tools and resources that will help you either start a new online business or grow your local business online. The premium upgrade you can choose to get offers the most marketing tools and training for the cheapest price you will find I can guarantee. They will also provide you with unlimited hosting for as many custom domain names you need. Many other features are to talk about. Read my Full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here


2 out of 5 StarsCommission Jailbreak Scam or Legit Review

Making Capture pages with trending Youtube videos. Advertised Free and Easy, but with costly marketing tools. Required to make this marketing system to work makes it deceiving at first sight. With Purchase of $99/month, you will have access to around 27 powerful marketing tools but will take you a month to learn how to use them.  More advanced internet marketers can make use of this temporary wonder. Read my Full Commission Jailbreak Review Here


2 out of 5 Stars5 Minute Mogul Scam or Legit Review

Updated – 5 Minute Mogul System is now updated! See Updated Review here

While internet marketing for much longer and actively then myself, Kimball Roundy has developed many systems in the past which helped people put together a lot of automated content for blogs and websites. Duplicating several of his systems made great profits for me, including the Spiderweb Marketing System. I do recommend reading my full review before jumping into his current 5 Minute Mogul System. Without a doubt a very profitable system, but his newly created system can lure you into spending money they don’t first tell you about. Read my Full 5 Minute Mogul Review Here


1 out of 5 StarsEZMoney Network System Scam or Legit Review

EZMoney Network Shut Down | Website redirected to affiliate – No Review

Designed to be simple, and guided assistance with important internet marketing techniques. Although it isn’t complete, the tools that you must purchase are legitimate and effective. Free to signup,  Free to use the training, but will require you to purchase Several things to make any commission. The higher ranking is mostly provided for having useful tools required to make a decent commission. Don’t let my 4-star rank fool those who have not got much money to spend. Read my Full EZMoney Network System Review Here


– See Full List Here –


Successful Lifestyle Secrets Scam Or Legit Reviews

How many marketing systems have I purchased and tested?

I’ve tried countless marketing systems. Keeping them under my belt and sharing knowledge of how they operate and supposedly generate cash. Not many of them were worth putting any effort into at all. Some even shut down or the owner bailed with his profits. Fortunately, I stuck through the battle to present you with everything I know.

Why am I writing reviews on these purchased and tested products?

With all of the internet scams slandering all over the place, the least I can do is provide feedback on my experiences.

My ratings will never be “1 or 5” unless one of two scenarios are met.

  1. A rating of 1 is provided when the program has truly been identified as a scam, having no value.
  2. A rating of 5 means that I currently benefit from and use this product myself and truly recommend to others.

I’d like to hear your input too! So the comments are always left open below each review.

What I promise in all my online marketing system reviews

I’ve signed up for many things but not all of them I invested in. I will only review those that I did invest any time or money into.

  • I’m Offering insiders of what you get “After You Buy”
  • Honest Marketing System Reviews Detailing “The Good and The Bad”
  • I’ve purchased and tested all of the marketing systems so choosing the right one is easy.


Affiliate marketing can be profitable, but without the right guidance, a disappointment is waiting for you. So, get to know the ones who preach you and understand their motives a little better (before diving into your wallet and making a decision you might soon regret).


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16 thoughts on “Online Marketing System Product Reviews – Purchased and Tested

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      That is ironically a similar experience as myself. Glad you found your way using the training at Wealthy Affiliate!

      I’ll forever support them. Thanks for sharing this to my visitors Randy, and all the best with your online business.

  1. JT

    Hey Damien:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and it is good to hear from the person who used the products first hand.

    All the best to your continuous success online! With your experience and determination there is no limit to your success.


  2. Neil

    Hi, Damien

    I’ve lost count of the many marketing systems I’ve used throughout the years 😛 Some helped me to become successful until the tools stopped working and training became outdated. Some were dirty, filthy, rotten scams such as the Empower Network (to be avoided at all costs).

    However, the best platform I have ever been proud to be a member of is…..

    WEALTHY AFFILIATE! WA gets my vote any day 😀

    By the way, I just Tweeted, G plussed and Pinned this excellent post.


    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      You too eh Neil?
      I have to agree, even the scuzzy I have tried helped me get where I am.. Will never regret even the failures.

      Thanks for your comment, its above and beyond.

      Keep in touch!

  3. Wayne

    Hi Damien,

    Great Site! I can tell you put a lot into what you do here to make sure you’re providing valuable information. I’m bookmarking this one to reference.

  4. Bart

    Very good idea, Damien. Thank you for your online marketing system product reviews. We appreciate you actually purchasing and using each one, so we’ll know in advance if they are scams or legit. This really cuts through the hype.

  5. Zsolt

    Thanks for sharing! Very valuable information. It is greatness you share when you help to another individual. I myself started the whole online business 2 months ago at age 19 and I’m very excited about future events.
    Good job!

  6. Amanda

    What made me stick with Wealthy Affiliate is they did not ask for a credit card to do a “free trial”. It really was free to try it out. Of course I signed up right away because I could see the benefits first hand, not pay to see what it is all about. My husband almost spent $1000 on a “system” right before I found Wealthy Affiliate! Dodged that bullet 🙂

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      that is unfortunate to have happened to your husband. Luckily you will be able to pick up, and reach levels in your online business now that will easily pay off your husband’s $1000.

      Thanks for your support Amanda and great choice on wealthy affiliate.

      To our success!

  7. bernie

    Hi Damien,

    A straight forward no nonsense approach is what I always admire and respect on a website owner. And you truly deserved to be respected! Through all those 20 to 25 marketing systems experiences that you had is a back up to your credibility and I take my hats off to you sir.

    A blessed day to you!

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Oh, put your hat back on Bernie, hahaha!
      It is fortunate I can prepare people before they buy into many online marketing systems.

      I just hope more take the time to read up on these so called opportunities.

      I wasted plenty of money in the past where I end up with nothing to show for it.

      Making commission was easy enough but many of these systems would leave you high and dry without a website of your own..

      What happens when they are shut down?

      You are back to the beginning with nothing.

      Do yourself the favor and research first. NEVER listen to glorified ads about how much money you can make.

      Been there done that.

  8. Danni

    Really informative site, I only wish I’d have found this sooner before I went looking through all the different marketing systems out there! I agree with regards to Wealthy Affiliate – it really is excellent and the premium membership is definitely worth the money.

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Hey Danny! That’s actually cool to hear. Hope you never spent much trial and error before you found Wealthy affiliate. I see you have your website up and running nicely. They taught you well.

      Thanks for your response and you also keep up the awesome work!


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