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Internet Marketing Resources - What is internet marketing? who is it for?

What is Internet Marketing? Who is it for?

“Internet marketing is the process of advertising or selling products and services online”

If you’re not the owner of the product being sold, and you make a commission from a sale, it can be referred to as affiliate marketing (The most common online marketing business). Other types of internet marketing income can include Ad impression/ppc, banner block rental, or, website flipping to say just a few. Anyone can become an internet marketer as long as state laws permit it.

I must tell you now.. Successful internet marketing will come through dedication and desire to improve.   You must be willing to learn new things, and keep an open mind.    The internet is growing and creating new opportunities for anyone to work on an online business.       In return, you get paid for doing so. The longer you work at it, the bigger the paychecks get.

If you’re interested in running an online business, you don’t need to be computer savvy.

  • Do you have a hobby? Or, are you passionate about a particular brand or product?
  • Are you willing to research and inform others of your hobby, brand or product?

If yes, then starting an online business is easy. When I discovered this, I jumped into both wearable technology & personal development.      Each of these categories are something i enjoy tweeting, sharing, and writing about.   Now, they are both part of my online affiliate business.

My #1 recommendationStart hereInternet Marketing Business For Beginners.

Why? – It has everything you need to know & super easy to follow. 10 free classes that will change your life!


This is what I’ve Learned So Far!

My full list of Internet Marketing Resources

This list is very general. I keep learning new ways to progress my online business all the time.

Only you can create a successful internet marketing business for yourself. But, I’ll do my best to direct as many people I can in the right direction. If you decide internet marketing is something you want to look into then expect to learn. I know I did!

There are two links below. Inside The Affiliate University will show you screenshots from inside my account. This is exactly what helped me start and grow my business. The other link will send you directly to those classes.

You will be guided through everything! From designing a website step-by-step to reaching page 1 on Google, and of course, making cash online.

Check out this article with insider screenshots: Inside The Affiliate University or (Try It Out Here)


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