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By | October 11, 2014
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Free Keyword Analysis Tool by Jaaxy - Find High Valued Traffic Keywords that are easy to get listed in the search engines.Jaaxy is one-of-a-kind & all-in-one keyword research tool for webmasters. We’ll compare others below. Jaaxy is helping me rank 1st page of Google with ease. Unlike other keyword analysis tools, you’ll see helpful results before buying the premium edition. Get 30 free searches using my built in free keyword research tool below.

Jaaxy Keyword Analysis

What makes Jaaxy the best analysis tool?

Cost: $19/month – Try It Before You Buy It
Main Features:

  1. Training For All Tools (Videos)
  2. Keyword Competition (QSR)
  3. Competition Analysis
  4. Site Ranking Tool (New)
  5. Sophisticated Keyword Research
  6. Affiliate Program Finder (Finds affiliate programs related to keywords)
  7. Domain Flipping Analysis
  8. SEO Analysis (Test your site search engine quality)
  9. Keyword Recommendations/Discovery
  10. Site Rank Analysis
  11. Super Fast Niche Research
  12. Multi-Tabbed Search: (Convenient)
  13. Website Analyzer
  14. Search History
  15. Keyword List Manager
  16. Brainstorm Idea Feed


Competitors never mention Jaaxy when comparing their keyword analysis tool with others and with obvious reasons. I’ll show you the top results for keyword research tools below, and you’ll find several reasons why Jaaxy is the best. (Take note of the screenshot below “Unlimited Keyword Searches“. Some keyword tools limit your monthly searches, not Jaaxy.)


Free Keyword Analysis Tool - Jaaxy Features Unlimited


Competing Keyword Analysis Tool Companies 


Cost: $249/Monthly ($2,988/yr)

Main Features:

  1. Keyword Suggestion Tool
  2. Keyword Niche Finder
  3. Keyword Grouper
  4. Negative Keyword Tool
  5. Adwords Performance Grader (Other PPC Tools also)
  6. Landing Page Creation Tool
  7. Conversion tracking
  8. Lead Management
  9. Landing Page Performance Reporting


They claim:

More: We give you more keyword suggestion results than even the paid version of any popular free keyword search tool Faster: The Free Keyword Tool is blazingly-fast, returning instantaneous keyword suggestions and related keywords Free: You get more keywords, faster, all for free!

WordStream will provide the whole nine yards with keyword research and page creation, tracking, and lead tools. Unlike the others, most of the work is done for you. When your business becomes demanding, and you need a solution to forget about keyword research and PPC then WordStream may be the best choice going. However, for $249, it might seem out of reach for those starting off with their online business. – Try out WordStream


Free Keyword Analysis Tool Wordstream Price



The free keyword analysis tool only shows related keywords

Cost: $27/Monthly for minimum 3 months
Main Features:

  1. Competition Report
  2. Monthly Keyword Searchs
  3. KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)
  4. Long tail keyword Recommendations

For complete beginners who don’t want dozens of features, Wordtracker seems to be more of an automated recommendation tool. Not so many features as some other competitors but do seem to be simple to use. – Click here to try it out

WordTracker Affiliate

Free Keyword Analysis Tool | WordTracker Cost - Limited



Cost: $29.95/Monthly
Main Features:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Spelling Mistake Research
  3. Seasonal Search Trends
  4. KEI Analysis
  5. Keyword Density Analysis
  6. Domain Researcher Tool

Operated by and in my opinion ranking highest next to Jaaxy, but still limit your daily searches. – Click here to try it out


Free Keyword Analysis Tool | KeywordDiscovery Price - limited


WebSeo Analytics

Cost: $29/Month for a limited amount of usage.
Main Features:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Analyzer
  3. Keyword Difficulty
  4. Blog Analyzer
  5. URL Analyzer
  6. Backlink Hunter
  7. SERP Analysis (Search Engine Results Page Analysis)
    The other features listed sound very useful, but don’t be fooled with “fancy” names. Several of these have been over categorized (Redundancy by separating all of these as individual features). The first 3 keyword features should be included within one section of the keyword tool.
  8. WSA Spider (1 report a day is allowed)
  9. Domain Battle? (Competition analysis I assume)
  10. Web SEO Analysis
  11. Backlink Analysis
  12. Link Structure: (Insures links are structured well for SEO)
  13. Keyword Battle (Wait,, Competition analysis?)
  14. Aged Domain Finder
  15. Domain Info (Okay…)
  16. HTML Validation (Free with WordPress)
  17. Indexed Pages (Nice to know, but easy to know as well)
  18. Link Popularity (Google Analytics anyone?)
  19. Duplicate Content (Once again! get it? Once again? Ha Ha, dry humor)
  20. Reputation Tracker
  21. PageRank Check (Good Feature)
  22. Multi DC PageRank
  23. Site Submitter

With over 24 keyword tools, WebSeo Analytics does show a higher value than some competing keyword research companies. Unfortunately this all-in-one SEO toolbox is a higher cost solution compared to it’s competing titan Jaaxy. Once again you’re limited on your daily reports.. At least you can tryout WebSeo Analytics free for 10 days.

Free Keyword Analysis Tool WebSeo Analytics Prices



Cost: $300/Month

They suggest having a free keyword tool, but after trying it out I discovered very little results appeared. No information is available unless you subscribe for the monthly service. Their services include a wide range of software for SEO development and keyword research. Also, they provide all out training to help you learn SEO.

If you’re looking for good successful training on this, I wouldn’t suggest using SEOBook. $300 per month isn’t a successful start by no means. Check out this article before joining any online courses: Learn Internet Marketing The Right Way

Free Keyword Analysis Tool SEOBook


100% Free Keyword Tools

UberSuggest Keyword Ideas

100% Free tool that will help you look for keyword suggestions. If you’re on a budget, this is great to have in your bookmarks. However, these are only keyword suggestions without liable data.

Google Keyword Suggestions Tool

Feature included with Google Adwords. You can search for keyword ideas, get historical and predicted statistics on performance.

Free Keyword Analysis Summary

After searching for the highest ranking keyword tools on the internet and comparing them with Jaaxy

– Jaaxy offers –

Most Features
Easiest To Use
Unlimited Research
Cheapest Premium

Try out Jaaxy’s All-In-One Keyword Analysis Tool Free

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20 thoughts on “Free keyword Analysis Tool For Webmasters

  1. Michael

    Thanks for an informative post.I think keyword tools are very necessary for every website owner.

  2. SERP Today

    Hello Damien, I’m representing

    You shared an amazing overview on Jaaxy keyword tools and described about their available services also with suitable price. I noticed you put Jaaxy at the top and I know it is best for service quality.

    I was searching for Keywords research tools and I also tried more tools before trying Jaaxy. Most of them are completely useless. Jaaxy seems to be very helpful. Guiding me to page ranks and easy support making it very easy to use. After trial version I became very pleased with it. Now I use all the tools by Jaaxy.

    Thanks a lot man for promoting such a great keyword tool and also for high quality information to those people who are looking for best keyword research tool. Keep sharing more content like this post also. Eagerly waiting for more from you.

    Best wishes for you and keep a good work.

  3. Peter

    Hi Damien This is a tremendous overview of keyword research tools and I liked the fact you compared them all to your number one pick, Jaxxy at the start. This really was like comparing apples with apples and reinforces the fact that Jaxxy is awesome value for its low monthly fee.

    I too have tried many Keywords tools before settling on Jaxxy which has not only given me numerous page one rankings (18 for just one website) but I found it to be the easiest to use and very effective. I originally tried out the free version and was so impressed I dropped all the other tools and only use Jaxxy now.

    I applaud you promoting such a great keyword tool and for bring high quality information to your readers I am sure many will be bookmarking this post for future reference.

    Keep up the good work 😉

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Hope it’s easy reading and thanks for the applaud! lol

      You’re doing fantastic if you’ve already ranked first page 18 times. Glad you picked up on it quick too. Have you seen the training videos? They show you in-depth features of Jaaxy. It took me a while before I realized the more unique abilities such as the affiliate finder. Super crazy!

      Glad to hear your support Peter!
      Keep in touch,

  4. Pingback: How To Rank On Google Like A Pro | Successful Lifestyle Secrets

  5. Neil

    Hi, Damien

    I have used a hanful of keyword research tools in recent years and have discovered that the Jaaxy keyword tool works the best, not only for the ease and simplicity of the tool, but also because there are so many awesome features built in to the research platform.

    If it wasn’t for Jaaxy, my website’s content wouldn’e be getting so many number one rankings in the search engines. So I highly recommend Jaaxy as the “must have tool!”

    Thank You for sharing. Neil

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Great Job Neil! Glad to hear and It really isn’t that hard learning how to use Jaaxy. Why pay for an expensive SEO expert to do the work? Jaaxy kinda makes me feel like I’m the expert. lol

  6. Cathy

    Before I landed on Jaaxy, I tried SEO book and Wordstream for a while. The main reason that put me off was the enormous subscription fee. How can I afford $249/month when I need to pay for petrol to get to work while I start an online business part time? Jaaxy allows me to bootstrap my business in more affordable ways and I am getting great results from it.

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Thanks for sharing this Cathy. The price alone makes the choice easy for beginners. Although the cheap price doesn’t mean cheap features, but in fact they’re competing on a higher level than the expensive competition and help me rank on Google like a pro.

      It wouldn’t be easy steering me away from Jaaxy.. Unless you can really impress me otherwise.

      On that note. I haven’t used many others. If you drop back, let us know of your experiences with SEO book and Wordstream.

        Did they function well?
        Are they easy to use?
        Good Results?

      Thanks for your time Cathy!

  7. Neil

    Hello, Damien

    Thanks for sharing the comparisons between some of the tools and services available out there, and some of them quite pricey too!

    Over the years, I have tried tons of keyword research tools and most were just completely useless at providing realistic data to use for my content.

    THANKFULLY when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate training platform, I was introduced to the Jaaxy Enterprise keyword research tool and platform. And do you know what?…

    It completely blew me away because it takes keyword research to a whole new level!

    I just socially shared this post too 😉



    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Your welcome Neil. A nice comparison will open people to realizing both the bargain and power of Jaaxy. I was also introduced through Wealthy Affiliate, and Jaaxy was actually my first keyword analysis tool. Before Wealthy Affiliate I wouldn’t even know how to properly use any keyword tools so it would’ve been a waste for me.

      All I can say is “The by’s eh! Got it figured out!”

      Thanks for sharing this post Neil, it’s highly appreciated.

  8. McKing

    It is an absolute steal with the price they are offering at such great value! Cheers for sharing mate 😀

  9. bernie

    Jaaxy is in a league of its own and your review has its effectiveness exposed! Thanks a lot for this great review.

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      You know it Bernie, and thanks for the compliments.
      New updates are always added so the features never seem get old. Although it’s important to take advantage while it’s fresh on the scene.

      Thanks again, and drop back soon!

  10. Peter G.

    Hello Damien,

    This post has proven you are a true expert in the field of keyword research; an often overlooked method of analysis for bloggers continually writing to try and attain the first page of Google. Additionally, your in-depth keyword research comparisons are so informative and professional, I must applaud you for all the great work you put into this.

    I love how you’ve listed all the benefits concerning Jaaxy. That tends to be my ultimate go-to tool as it not only provides a free monthly trial, but is consistently being updated by its owners. Needless say Jaaxy’s customer support is second to none, and its accuracy and massive number of keywords that are provided prove this tool to be above and beyond amazing.

    Thank you for making such comparisons. I noticed you put Jaaxy at the top, and I believe its for a good reason. Simply because its one of the best out there. Not only that, its reliable and trustworthy data! Nonetheless, for anyelse out there looking for an amazing keyword research tool, I highly recommend Damien’s recommendation of Jaaxy. I am proof that this sole keyword tool has been working for the entirety of my website and posts!

    Thanks again,

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Hey Peter, I can’t thank you enough for the time put into this comment. I am super happy you are also taking advantage of this great tool and enjoying it.
      Jaaxy will continue to be my keyword analysis tool of choice for a while, unless something dramatic changes.

      Drop back soon!

  11. Rich Far

    Hi Damien,

    What a GREAT review!

    I actually have an account with Jaaxy and absolutely love it.

    Through using the features Jaaxy provides, as you have mentioned, I have been able to land several Google page 1 rankings and others’ in the first three pages.

    I fully endorse what you have to say about this awesome service and highly recommend individuals reading this to Click on your link to try it out .

    Good Job Damien.

    Best Wishes,

    – Rich

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Wow Rich, thank you for your supportive comment, and I see your website looks great!

      Jaaxy is still a newer keyword research tool, but soon it’ll be known and used by most online business owners. Glad you found it early and taking advantage of its power.

      ~ Keep in touch

  12. Richard Williams

    Awesome I love the keyword tools and informative! Great post!


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