Failure is the Key to Success

By | May 27, 2017
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Each one of our failures brings us one step closer to a successful entrepreneur. Every opportunity through which I prosper started with failure. Honest to goodness. MLM marketing was a failure for me, as was article writing, and blogging. I failed, learned what did not work, did what worked, and began to prosper online.

One thing you’ll see in life-long failures is the unwillingness to do things leading to failure. So I want to discuss why failure is the key to success, so others don’t end up with a fear of success and living with a life-long failure.

What Success Looks Like - why your failures can make you successful

If you are starting a home business, you must get excited to embrace failure.

Success is browsing through all the failures to find those that are not.

I know this sounds weird, but I’ll explain what I mean…


Let us say I issue you a challenge…

Write a comment below about failures in your life. Describe not just the failure, but how you moved forward where you might have been withdrawn. Or describe where you could have moved forward where you might not have.


A Quick Story By Me

I was practicing with trading currency for several years and felt I was ready to trade for real. However, my practice account suffered a massive loss at one point, and I feared I would lose my real money if I invested at this time. I stopped practicing for a couple of years…

I never invested, but I began practicing again… And continued to gaining “Practice Money.” I earned so much practice money that I wish I started real investing earlier. Maybe it was a good thing, but I feel that I should have overcome my fear right away. If so, I could have been way ahead of my game. 


If you never commented on a site before you might be terrified of sounding foolish, or, “failing.” For those bloggers reading, you might worry about attracting few page views, or waste your time.

Well, if you feel overcome by fear, you stand paralyzed. You chicken out and never write the comment. You continue to fail because you never do what leads to failure, and failures promote your success. You are not aiming to fail, but unless you are an extraordinary exception, failing happens. You just have to learn to let go of your fears.


Fear Establishes the Limits of Life


The trick resides in moving your attention from failure to opportunity.


No need to curse your failures. Your failures are your best friends. Find a way through, and you will never worry or complain or fret about your difficulties again. Each failure teaches you to become present, embrace your feelings and see the immense benefits found in the perceived obstacle. Be in the now. Stop complaining or worrying or being locked down because you failed and began to see the tremendous blessing you are receiving, in the form of a difficult situation. 

I know you are bigger than any challenge which heads your way.

Change your perception. Shift your focus. 

The greatest blessing awaits you in a perceived difficulty. 

You can observe your life, for example. Do difficulties handcuff you? Or do you grow from these moments? In most cases, I am sure you can learn and grow from any terrible moments in your life.


You naturally learn all you need to know by failing your way to success. Once I learned what I needed to know about generating cash online, I started making cash online. (But it began with failing)

The simplicity of this concept mystifies most individuals. Most people avoid failure at all costs which are why most people never succeed with any online business venture.


Successful entrepreneurs hop in with both feet, screw up, take notes, learn, screw up, take notes, learn, and embrace the idea of opportunity – eventually – over failure because seizing opportunities through which you learn feels more fun than failing, right?


Dive in now, head first, to accelerate your home business growth. I know you might be terrified but practice seeing the opportunity present in each and every circumstance.

Be willing to embrace failure as only a situation through which you can learn more about yourself, and you will quickly succeed in the home business realm.

Online business feels uncomfortable at times, but by moving forward no matter what and seizing opportunities, you can become a success from your failures.

That Is Why Failure is the Key to Success

Never Let Success Get To Your Head - Never Let Failure Get To Your Heart

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3 thoughts on “Failure is the Key to Success

  1. Clyde

    Great article!

    Being successful does depends on making mistakes and a willingness to “JUMP” out of your comfort zone.

    We are living a lifestyle now that most people are afraid to attempt, but we are pulling it off because we are brave enough “OK crazy enough!” to do it

    Thanks for the boost!


    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Brave, Crazy, Questionable… Whatever you must call it!
      It’s those that step beyond the boundaries to define their future with their ambitions that become successful. Not those with sorrows and wishes sitting inside their safe little box.

      Glad to provide a boost and do come back often!

  2. Craig

    Sometimes having someone else admit they’ve encountered a bunch of failures in life before being successful is all it takes to encourage others. I feel like today’s social media climate has made it seem like nobody ever encounters a problem in their life, people seem to only post the good stuff. It is just the opposite of the news where there is only bad stuff going on. Thanks for your article!


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