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The Online Business Mindset – Discipline

A Successful Online Business Mindset Having your morning coffee and writing a few blog posts is something anyone can do. Checking your email and responding to website comments is easy! Following up on social media. Heck, most do that regularly anyway. Looking at sales stats is’t really that much work. A successful online business is something you… Read More »

Starting an Online Home Based Business

  Actually starting an online home based business of your own. Does it seem like it’s far out of reach?   Well, it seemed far out of reach for me. After years of struggling with online money making opportunities and likely hurting my reputation. It came to me that I wanted more than just make money… Read More »

Real Home Based Business Opportunities

Running a home-based business has its perks say the least. But if you’re searching for real home based business opportunities, it’s easy to be misdirected right from the beginning. This can make those perks hard to grasp. Most people will not even know where to start with building a home business. I WILL point you in the right… Read More »

Secrets to selling art online – 1000 words are not heard

Drawings and paintings are dazzling and admirable to many people, but selling art online can be difficult.  A Gallery full of amazing art is helpless to having people find your work if simple things are left astray. As a picture tells a 1000 words to people, to search engines they say very little. After putting your heart into telling… Read More »