Damien's Successful LifeFor those who don’t know me, I’m Damien. A semi normalish guy ‘with goofy quirks some might say’. All the same time a guy who’s working toward becoming an expert at making money online. Quoting “Working Toward”.

I actually remember visiting some of the first public websites. Long before Facebook, and even before Google. I was absorbed into the fact of being connected to the outside world so easily.

Then, I never imagined what I’d use the internet for today.

Many years later after several jobs, I began hunting around for something more. Opportunity seeking one might call it. Right before my eyes was the one thing I loved so much, “The Internet”. I’ve seen pyramid schemes and money slandering scams. I’ve even lost money in the abyss because of them. None of this I regret because if it weren’t for these failures, creating my online business might never have happened.

At this time however, I wasn’t prepared to achieve any kind of success with online business or affiliate marketing. What I thought was success would soon fade into a stage of rehabilitation. A stage I intend on helping others avoid by pointing them in the right direction. 


If you like, click the link below and you can try out the online business training.

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keep reading on to learn more about this website and what it’s for.

Successful Lifestyle Secrets brings to the stage, exactly what successful people use to achieve wealth, freedom, love and prosperity through personal development and successful lifestyle practices. While also providing new –and in many cases– better perspectives toward self improvement and success in general.


This is how it all began,,,.

Successful Lifestyle Secrets was originally Successful-Marketing-Secrets with a goal to bring out the truth behind misleading techniques used by many internet marketing gurus. I have revealed what’s hidden behind the doors and the marketing secrets they’re hiding. You can still see all this in the online marketing system reviews section discussed at the bottom of this page.

Making money online, or running a business from home is a fantastic way to substitute your income. The problem comes when people expect too much too soon and have no real goals in mind.


Before you make a truck load of money, you need to make a lot of money, and before you make a lot of money, you need to make a bit of money. Even before you make a bit of money, you will need a successful mindset.

Successful Lifestyle Secrets was an idea that came to me while thinking way back,, back before I was influenced by motivating leaders,, back before my B2B sales while grinding the streets of Toronto Ontario,,, I was thinking back on my drug addicted, bar bouncing days, and so called internet marketing online business attempt. Regardless of my issues during these times, I remember how much time I did put into posting and social sharing to get a few signups for hyped up offers. I did luck into finding a marketing system and a mentor to help me get more out of my efforts,, but my own personal mindset and lack of life goals got in my way of a true successful lifestyle.

The new Successful Lifestyle Secrets will help people with an ambition for success and for those yet to discover their ambition for success. I’m helping people develop fundamental characteristics to become successful in any path they choose to walk.

For anyone interested in internet marketing, blogging, or an interest in writing. I’ll teach you how to choose a profitable market you are interested in, create a website in 3 easy steps and provide everything you need to start your own online business. Whether you’re down and out, or making a few bucks online, my goal is to bring you to the top of your game.


Moving forward to now,,,.

I’m researching and absorbing valuable online marketing resources. I’m learning new fundamental techniques within the online business world and watching for the best results.

Before you jump into any online opportunity I do recommend checking out my reviews section to see if anything has been written about them already (just to be safe). Click Here To See My Marketing System Reviews. All internet marketing systems and online opportunities reviewed were thoroughly tested before the reviews were posted.

First Online Payments

$6000 in $100 Bills in my Hand

Seeing success is a matter of setting the right perspective and taking action.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer who’s attempting online business, or, just looking for motivation, follow along with Successful Lifestyle Secrets. I’ll show you how to achieve success and live a successful life.

Add me as a friend in the #1 Affiliate community in the world – Click here and see if this is the lifestyle for you


Have any questions about Internet Marketing?
Have you tried starting an online business?
Feel free to comment below

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrea

    Really like the authenticity of your writing and the sharing of your journey thus far. I will come back to your site and it is genuinely filled with inspiration. Thanks for your help!

  2. Roger


    Great story!

    You kind of remind me of myself, though a better looking and much younger version!

    I’ve had 77 jobs myself, and only recently discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Like you, I had spent a good amount of money (much to my wife’s chagrin, though she has certainly been most patient) trying various trainings and methods (pay for clicks, adwords, trainings, etc.).

    I started Wealthy Affiliates as a Free member, but soon saw its incredible value, and am now Premium. It’s definitely worth the investment! I completely recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone interested in starting an online business.

    And I love your self-description as “semi-normalish with goofy quirks.” As I said before, I resemble that remark!

    Continued success!


  3. Kourtney moore

    I think you have great plans to help those who really need it. I’m going threw it and can’t wait to learn more from you. You’ve done so much already!

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      You truly have the desired thrive to accomplish what you want. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress in the community and you can be sure that I’ll be there to help you. All questions are worth asking so be open.

  4. Kourtney moore

    Hello I’m Kourtney Moore I’m joining because I’m trying to be successful in my time of life I rap love foreign cars I’m happy too come to the community so I can take care my family and get my life where I no I can be I’m a good person so I have a lot of dreams and goals I have to wake up and see because I no Dreams do comes so happy to meet you OK 👌😎🔽🔯💯👼✋🌍💸

  5. Debra

    You have created a great website here and I can’t wait to hear more about the #1 Affiliate community in the world. There are many opportunities that I have tried and they weren’t worth the time. However I remain optimistic and hope there is truly an affiliate program and website that can help me.

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Glad you remain optimistic because I learned that all success involves trial and error. The question is how much error right? ha ha.

      I’m beginning to feel more responsible for those who are curious about the #1 Afffiliate community. First, it’s important to know that this isn’t an affiliate program. It’s a really big community of affiliate marketers with free training classes and tools you will almost certainly need.

      – Each class has a video that makes it easy to follow along with, ‘Sometimes I follow along with the videos while it’s playing in the background’.
      – The owners designed a unique keyword tool that in my opinion is the holy grail of marketing tools.
      – You get 2 free websites that are setup and ready in like 4 steps.
      – Premium members get Unlimited website hosting with a bunch of people including me holding your hands over any bumps, lol.

      That pretty much sums in up Debra.. So if you’re still unsure the affiliate community is free to join!

      Hope to hear from you!

      1. Debra

        I think that whole “Free to try” speaks volumes about anything. Being able to step into the working environment and get a look at its unmasked workings, is invaluable. BIG Kudos to Wealthy affiliate. They seem to be in a class of their own.

        I’m heading there right now to see what I can learn about them and to see how well I can build a website using their training.

        Thank you for pointing me in this direction.

  6. Usman Sarfraz

    Hey man, Great website you’ve got here. Really liked how you introduced yourself as a proper person with a nice cool funky image haha.

    I can say I relate to you and some of the things you say. Growing up was also pretty rough for me and I was always addicted to the internet in my spare time. I especially loved playing Runescape as a kid and from that I liked to spend most my time online lol. But anyways, I just signed up! Now I’m waiting for confirmation and hope to become ALOT more knowledgeable about how internet marketing works. I found your page to be very helpful in portraying the right image of internet marketing and respect that =)

    Overall, fantastic website here bud, and look forward to working with you!

  7. jCamden

    Ooh I love the style of your comments! Is that a plugin or something provided with your theme? Lol anyway back to the actual page content. You’re right about the picture at the top of your page being too small to read. Maybe that’s intentional? Also, for the most part you’ve done a great job using smaller paragraphs that are easy for your reader to get through.

    You do have great content on here! Keep up the great work!

  8. Michael

    You have a lot of very good information that’s helpful for anyone wanting to better themselves. I also like your marketing advice and anybody serious about Affiliate marketing can find this useful. Many people can do well if they take your Excellent Site Seriously!

    Thanks for your hard work!

  9. Jared Hymas

    This is a little off topic, but seeing as how you have a .ca website and this is the about you page, I was curious to know what part of Canada you are from. I lived in Alberta/BC for a couple years and loved it!

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      That would be Newfoundland; Complete opposite end from BC. I have spent a short time living in BC and what a beautiful place. However, there is no place like home. After trying out a few provinces, I found my way back to Newfoundland again. Glad to be a Newfoundlander I suppose!

      Ever plan on moving back, I recommend checking out Newfoundland… (If you don’t mind lots of snow in the winter)

  10. David Knight

    Hi Damien! –

    I just wanted to congratulate on putting such a wonderful Website together! 🙂

    There is so much to explore here it would be impossible to discover all the ‘gems’ it holds in one visit — Therefore I shall return again – and again – and again…

    I wish you all the very best!

    Kind regards

    David Knight

    And remember Rome wasn’t built in a day…but they were laying bricks everyday!

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      It means a lot to me when my readers take the time to share with me how much they appreciate it. Thank you for that David, and I will continue to work hard to provide.

      As I progress, so will my readers, and a march manifested in success we shall follow.

  11. Hennie

    Hi Damien,

    Being a member of WA, I followed a link you posted there.
    I must say I was so impressed with your site and the way it look that I scrolled to the bottom to see what theme you are using.
    Are you using the Premium version or the free one?
    Another observation, may I ask what comment plugin do you use. I like the way it display on the page and thought it was part of the theme but I am not sure.
    All the best with your site!

    1. Damien Parsons Post author

      Thanks Hennie!
      You may be surprised to know that I am indeed using the Free version of Iconic One. I do have minor knowledge with CSS.

      Most of what you see (Including the comments), is custom css I put in place. The colors, rounded edges, color fading in the comments, and reply button. No images, just code added to custom.css to make the changes.

  12. Vicki Cantrell

    Hey Damien, The site is packed full of great information, and No More Excuses, which I needed to hear today. Thank you, and it is really good, will book mark so I can come back and read more. Thank You Vicki


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